Explore and familiarise yourself with my own Pyramid of Trauma Recovery. Learn why trauma release, building strength and self compassion all go hand in hand. Moving back and forth from one layer to another to bring about a sense of letting go, integration, resilience, growth and wholeness.

Receive a holistic approach with my qualifications and experience in Counselling, Body Work and Energy Healing. My overall aim is to facilitate the mind, body and emotional connection so you can optimise your health and wellness whilst forgiving, accepting and loving all the different parts of yourself.


This is a life changing process and I have designed a framework based on my own professional and personal experience. Its how I became the person I am today. I look forward to sharing all my knowledge and experience with you and coaching you in moving from fear to love.

Begin with a free 15 minute clarity call then continue on to either a group coaching programme containing monthly holistic sessions or simply receive 1-1 coaching with me on a weekly or fortnightly basis.