It was Reiki that taught me to trust and believe that there is an infinite energy inside of me. Inside of all of us. At first, I found it helped reduce my anxiety and improve my sleep, but I soon realised it was releasing a myriad of supressed emotions connected to my past. 


Unconsciously, we work with energy every single day. We release, send, channel, receive and draw energy to and from everything and everyone around us. It’s easy for us to be thrown off balance because of this. Health and wellness includes looking after this abundance of energy, and Reiki and Shamanic Healing both do that by bringing your body back to equilibrium. 


Not only do they both help to create relaxation and release the body of stress and tension, they also promote harmony and balance - physically, emotionally and mentally - clearing your mind, improving your focus and making you feel grounded and centred. Each session accelerates the body’s self-healing ability, helping to relieve pain and compliment medical treatments and other therapies perfectly. I, myself, have known Reiki to help pass kidney stones. They help bring your body back into balance by jumpstarting its natural energy system.

All face to face sessions are now cancelled due to COVID 19

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