Practicing Self Compassion

Society has conditioned us to look after ourselves by exercising and eating healthy but less so around connecting to ourselves from a place of kindness and compassion. On that note! - Are you up for showing yourself a little Love on Valentine’s Day and in fact, every day after that for the rest of your life?

It may seem obvious that treating others with kindness and compassion is a good thing. It may be less obvious that treating yourself with the same care and attention is just as important.

As part of my 3 Steps to Trauma Recovery I will show you the tools on how to connect to your own mind and body from a place of compassion. It’s about learning to be patient, using kind and gentle language and grounding Click Here

At Release Therapies I offer you the support of Individual Counselling, Body Movement and Guided Meditations synced to the breath alongside holding a soothing object or crystal Click Here to help you connect in this way.

Self compassion is linked to reducing the many ways you might feel distress or depression and can lead to building inner strength and connection. The good news is that if you don’t treat yourself so kindly right now, you can change that.

I want you to try practicing my 5 minute Compassionate Break Exercise that will help you connect to yourself from a place of compassion. It’s a powerful tool to help shift negative self talk and create more friendliness and warmth. Click Here

I can’t wait to hear how you get on!

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