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Over and over, life presents us with challenge after challenge. We learn to cope by using unhealthy habits to embody our trauma. We over-work. Comfort eat. Binge drink. Abuse drugs. Sometimes, we become so overwhelmed that it can feel isolating and scary. Unchecked, these methods of coping can build and build, until they even begin affecting those around us – from our families and friends, to work colleagues and, often, even strangers. 


I predominantly work using a Client Centred counselling approach, integrating various other methods specific to the needs of the individual I am working with. We each have the tools we need to face life within us but can easily lose sight of this capacity. The intent is not to fix a problem, but to enable the client to become both the mender and maker of their own lives. 

My areas of expertise include working with clients who have suffered from emotional trauma and struggle to connect to their inner strength and hearts as a result. I offer individual Mind and Body Starter Packages based on my 3 Step Trauma Recovery Model  Click Here

Alternatively, If you wish to book an individual counselling session with me Click Here 

Having worked within a wide range of professional settings – including the NHS, council run organisations, the voluntary sector, my own private business and in my own personal experience – I believe it is important to find a counsellor who you have a connection with.

I invite you to attend a free 30 minute initial session to help you decide if I am the right person for you. I invite you to trust your gut instinct and know that you will not be offending me if you choose to keep looking for a counsellor that is a better fit. To book a free 30 minute initial session with me Click Here

I offer online therapy sessions. Should

you be unhappy with any aspect of my service, please contact

COSCA www.cosca.org.uk and follow their complaints process.

COSCA are a PSA accredited organisation who regulate

Counselling and Psychotherapy in Scotland.

Edinburgh, Scotland 




Tel: 073-6647-4549

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