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Over and over, life may have presented you with challenge after challenge, where you have learnt to cope by using unhealthy habits to temporarily seek pleasure and relief from your traumatic memories and emotions. You may keep busy using unhelpful behaviour's. Comfort eat. Binge drink. Abuse drugs. Shop. Scroll Social Media. Play Computer Games. Gamble. Clean. Hoard Objects.


Sometimes, you might become so overwhelmed that it can feel isolating and scary. Unchecked, these methods of coping can build and build, until they even begin affecting those around you – from your families and friends, to work colleagues and, often, even strangers. 


I predominantly work using a integrative and holistic approach. I believe that trauma recovery is possible through the unique connection that you can develop with a therapist along with your own mind, body and emotions. This allows you to begin safely exploring any difficulties that you might have come along with or that may arise during a session.

Rather than offering advice, counselling along beside my wide range of physical therapies can enable you to gain awareness into your own difficulties and help you find your own answers. By taking the time to explore your thoughts, emotions and body sensations, you can shift, untangle, or resolve issues that may be causing you distress.


I have learnt that it can be a very empowering process and can support you in safely exploring and releasing your trauma, building your strength and growing with self compassion. Based on this awareness, I have created my own Pyramid of Trauma Recovery along with the option to book a free 15 minute clarity call, a monthly coaching programme or 1-1 coaching with me on a weekly or fortnightly basis Click Here

Having worked within a wide range of professional settings – including the NHS, council run organisations, the voluntary sector, my own private business and in my own personal experience – I believe it is important to find a therapist who you have that unique connection with.

I invite you to attend the free 15 minute clarity call to help you decide if I am the right person for you. I invite you to trust your gut instinct and know that you will not be offending me if you choose to keep looking for another therapist that is a better fit.

I offer online therapy sessions. Should

you be unhappy with any aspect of my service, please contact

COSCA www.cosca.org.uk and follow their complaints process.

COSCA are a PSA accredited organisation who regulate

Counselling and Psychotherapy in Scotland.

What People Are Saying:

Lisa has helped me gain a far better understanding of myself, my past, my triggers, my coping mechanisms, and my needs. She has guided me with warmth and compassion in breaking old thought patterns and narratives. I can say, without a doubt, that working with her has changed my life for the better. 

Giulia P.
Counselling Client