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While training as a holistic therapist, I volunteered with survivors of abuse and with people who suffered from alcohol and drug addiction. During this time, I realised just how important it was for people to make progress in groups as well as individually. A realisation that has only grown over the years. As a result, I began running my own community. 

So many people suffer in silence. They push down their issues until they’re all-consuming, instead of dealing with them head on. Why? Because society tells us to. But we are all the same. Perhaps not in experience, but in cause and consequence. My Stress Reduction for Holistic Minded People community is the perfect opportunity for individuals to realise that they are not alone. 

They will gain a better understanding of themselves - and what made them the person they are today - in a safe space with authentic, like minded, understanding people. This community will help us all build healthy attachments with each other, to build trust, strength, boundaries, to connect to our whole being and, most importantly, to become a healthier version of ourselves.

My Stress Reduction for Holistic Minded people community is ran based on my own values, experience and knowledge that I have developed over the years. It's what helped transform me into the person I am today. I have created my own Pyramid of Stress Reduction Model so you can visualise what this healing process looks like Click Here.


I will facilitate our community around this model and look forward to sharing my NEW Release - Strengthen - Grow group programme with you. I have also taken my community onto a live audio platform so you can learn about various holistic health topics and get support from other like minded people.

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What People Are Saying:

Lisa has helped me gain a far better understanding of myself, my past, my triggers, my coping mechanisms, and my needs. She has guided me with warmth and compassion in breaking old thought patterns and narratives. I can say, without a doubt, that working with her has changed my life for the better. 

Giulia P.
Counselling Client